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Saskatoon Flyers Hockey Inc. Registration and Refund Policy

Registration in General
A player will only be considered registered and be allowed on the ice once the Registrar has received the online registration form in the TeamLinkt system, and full payment is made. All late registrations must be received by the Registrar prior to being allowed on ice.

If funding is being reviewed by a third party for approval (ie. Kidsport, a band, or Jumpstart), the full registration payment is still required prior to stepping on the ice for insurance purposes.

GSHL Registration 
Players who will be trying out for the GSHL still need to register in the Flyers zone first.

Refund Policy PRIOR TO September 1 in Year of Transaction
Once a family has completed spring registration in the Flyers zone for the upcoming fall SMHA hockey season (registration May 1 to June 30), and registration fees and/or conditioning camp fees are paid, any request for a refund will be subject to a non-negotiable administration fee to offset transaction costs, calculated as:
Admin fee = [(Amount paid by payer) x (credit card charge and refund costs of 2.99%+2.99%)] + [$0.65 website payment + $0.65 website refund costs through TeamLinkt]

Refund Policy AFTER to September 1 in Year of Transaction
After September 1st, no refund will be issued for withdrawal of a player from the Flyers hockey program without sufficient reasoning. The following refund policy will apply in instances where a player is unable to complete their season for one of the following reasons:
  1. Significant illness
  2. Hockey-related injury
  3. Relocation of the player’s primary residence outside of the SMHA boundaries.
 If approved, the following deductions will apply to the refund, based on the following timelines:
  • If situation occurs after September 1, but prior to evaluations - admin fee charged, then 90% of remainder is refundable
  • If situation occurs after start of evaluations, but prior to first season ice* - admin fee charged, then 80% of remainder is refundable
  • If situation occurs following first season ice*, but prior to November 1 - admin fee charged, then 65% of remainder is refundable
  • If situation occurs after November 1, but before January 1 - admin fee charged, then 30% of remainder is refundable
  • If the circumstance occurs after January 1 - No Refund
“season ice” is defined as the first ice assigned to the player’s team on the SMHA master schedule.

Please note, however, the Flyers Executive will accept appeals concerning this refund policy for reasons not listed above, for consideration on a player-by-player basis.

A refund cheque will be issued after March 31, following completion of the hockey season in which the injury or withdrawal occurred. It is at the board’s discretion to provide payment at an earlier date. The legal parent or guardian MUST make the application stating the reasoning for withdrawal.

NOTE: In the event of injury, the application must be made to the Flyers zone commissioner (or assistant commissioner), and be accompanied by a note/letter from a medical doctor identifying the injury and a projected date whereby the player may resume sports activities. In addition, a letter or email from the coach or manager of the player’s team is required containing the following information:
• Details of the injury, (body part affected)
• How the injury occurred
• Date and location where the injury occurred (what rink?)
• Confirmation that the player is unable to resume play prior to completion of the season

Please note that applications/requests for refunds WILL NOT be accepted after MARCH 15th of the hockey season in which the withdrawal/injury occurred.