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Unfortunately with the AA Draft taking place on Monday evening we will need to change our ice times (See below). Sorry for any inconvenience .

Team lists will be posted on the door of the dressing room the day of the skates. 

If you registered to go straight into B/C you will not need to skate in the A/B games, you will just skate on Sunday & Monday. 

All players that registered for A/B will skate in both A/B games (Wednesday & Thursday). After these games some players will be moved to the B/C games.

Chris Penner
U18 Coordinator
Saskatoon Flyers

Tryout Games

Date Time Contact Rink Goalies
October 1st 12:00pm No Merlis Belsher Gaboury & Costain
October 2d 6:00pm No Agriplace  Gaboury & Costain 


Tryout Teams

Team Black Team White

Micheal Schmidt
Chase Sysomsun
Adam Simpson
Kaiden Dodd

Ben Permann
Lukas Ryder
Evan Sawchuk
Gilbert Senko
Hayden Smith
Rhett Waugh
Aiden Jones
Jaeger Yelle
Lyndon Beaudry
Nohlan Borchardt
Jordan Brown
Alec Duncan
Henry Elliot

Emmett Denis
Jacob Powalinsky
Reid Ransom

Caelan Carmichael
Brady Hauber
Caden Kucher
Loch Lamont
Lucas Meier
Cage Opikolew
Ben Hidlebaugh
Jacek Jankoski
Easton Loshack
Finn Mcewan
Keaton Mcloed
Evan Webb
Jayden Gregor